First off, the language I am currently writing in is not my native language, so I am less fluent in that language than in my native tongue : Malagasy ; please forgive my grammar (as I am not a very good speaker of English) and spelling (because everyone do) mistakes in my posts in this Blog.

About me now : I am a Malagasy national who was born in Madagascar. I moved to France in 2003 when I was ten years old and I curently live in France from where I didn’t really move when locating. I study here, and am now in the first year of GEII (Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computer Science) (I am not certain about the exact translation in English but to me it looks close enough).

This is the first time I blog, on a dedicated webspace, with an quasi-entire freedom to write whatever I want in a language I have chosen : English, French (rarely, even if I am very fluent in that language), and Malagasy (language in which my personal diary is written). For this first time, I have tried to make a blog with my own means : not in a blog farm, but in solo, in freestyle actually. As I don’t have enough money to own my own domain, and have as much online disk space as I want, I have chosen, as you can see, ; it is not the best host I’ve ever seen but to me that’s enough to start my live on the cyperspace.

Apart English, some of my posts will be in Malagasy. You may ask for translation, and if you are many enough to request it, I will do it. Just know that posts will be categorized first by language and second by category. I will talk by all things I do on the Internet : writing in Wikimedia projects, creating my own conlang and publishing my own multilingual dictionary … Try creating new and original websites… Commenting recent events (in the virtual as well as in real life). They will be about almost everything. I do also have a Twitter account if you want to follow me : gasimihaky.

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