About me

Who am I?

In my life, I am a software engineer living in Paris. I was born in 1993 in Madagascar where I spend all my childhood, and I currently live in Paris, France, for studies and to find a first job in Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Data processing, or software Engineering.
I am also a steady Wikimedia volunteer, where I mainly concentrate my efforts in developping a bot that generates translation using a technique of triangulation. On the Internet, I read many articles in search of other ideas to increase the accuracy of that method.

I am passionnate about…

I am passionnate about languages, and programming. Firstly, I’ve been passionnate about my mother tongue, which I rediscovered at age 15 when beginning to write articles on Wikipedia. Rediscovered, because we’ve moved to France when I was 10 and my level of French (be it oral or written) was not as good as it should, so for almost six years I wasn’t encouraged to write in my own language.

About programming, I am primarily proficient in Python, in which the core of my wiki bot is written. When in need of performance or for school homework (because Python is not always the fastest solution), I mainly use C or C++ if needed. During my year-end internship in a IT company, I gained some proficiency in Java an C++ programming. Over time, I have leveled up in deployment technology such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins as well as REST interfaces and query languages such as SQL

Natural languages I speak

With no doubt, I speak Malagasy as mother tongue. My second language is French, and my third one is English. I also speak Spanish, but at a lesser fluent level and can understand Italian. I am currently interested in learning Chinese and Esperanto languages. Chinese because I like its simplicity and its writing system. Esperanto because it is an easy-to-learn Indo-European-based artificial language. This language inspired me to create the Kriollatino language, which is introduced by an article on this blog. Other articles will be published on a dedicated blog. Articles are yet to come.
I started to learn Japanese. It’s horribly complicated, with a vocabulary and grammar complexity level on par with French and English.

About this site

The main purpose of this site is to expose my points of view on things I am experiencing. It mainly summarises my thoughts on online projects in which I am involved.

Where else can you find me?

Internet is vast. If we put apart this site, I am also present on twitter at @terakasorotany. I also have a Facebook account that I can link to on request. And of course, I am present on Wikimedia sites under the nickname Jagwar.